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Steps for Growing Marijuana

Marijuana, is the other name that cannabis is known among others. Medical purposes, recreational purposes and at time spiritual purposes are the major uses of cannabis. It is a vegetation the do in a wide range of climates, indoors and in green houses all seasons of the year. You will need to the following techniques that I am going to show in order to grow your own cannabis.

Have a clear goal. Growing cannabis should be as easy to you as if you are planting any other plant like vegetables. You should not have any form of intimidation or fear. The process will be either cheap or expensive depending on how you perceive it. Informed decisions should be made to maximize the harvest.

Choose your cannabis seeds properly. You will have to do a research and find which hybrid grows best in your area. Depending on your taste and the solution you want for you ailment select the appropriate seeds. Having done that research, you will be able to choose the appropriate seeds.
Research the growth requirements of your cannabis. In order to attain the best yields, you will needs to find out what amount of light the cannabis will require, the type of soil that will be suitable for your cannabis, the amount of air needed, water, temperature, nutrients and humidity. The different aspects affects different hybrids of cannabis differently.

Search a good area to grow your ganja. The growing of this plant and human life are similar. To avoid being worried all the time you will need a god location. You may consider choosing outdoor areas or indoor area like in a greenhouse. You will be able to monitor the growth with best location.

To prevent it from being harmed, you should get the right pesticides at the vegetation stage. You should be able to identify when the flowers starts to bloom so that you give the plants the required amount of light. The location will determine. Know how your cannabis looks when it has matured and ready for harvesting.

Get the right time to harvest your cannabis. The cannabis will start to have different color in waves. It will change from clear, milky and then to amber. The flowers will swell and seem to have turned inside out.
You can harvest the plant by removing all the leaves while the plant is still standing and then cut it, or remove the large leaves then hang the whole plant.

Lastly, you will have to dry and cure your cannabis. Place your marijuana in a dark, cool and dry place. This should take a minimum period of two weeks. Thin branches will snap while the thick ones will be slight flexible after drying. All you need now is packaging. Look for a well sealed jar that has an opening to let accumulated humid off and place your cannabis in it.

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