Finding the Perfect Business Consultant

Anyone who believes that all management consultants are exclusively at the top management level and advise on strategic issues is wrong. Only a few management consultancies are actually among the classic strategy & management consultancy experts. Instead, the various types of consultancy that operate on the market diversify greatly.

So, before your company looks for a consulting firm, you should check whether this consulting suits your business. Contact David Johnson Cane Bay or continue reading to learn more.

Small-to-medium sized firms

Company size matters. Small and medium business consultancies have a specialized product and service portfolio. Small to medium-sized consulting firms primarily advise clients from midsize and large companies. Flat hierarchies promote a familial and personal working atmosphere.

These firms have a compact pragmatic style of thinking. These experts have a single-digit number of branches as well as regional and national consulting. Most people prefer small and medium-sized consultancies, so-called “consulting boutiques.” Here the individual employee counts, new topics can be set up, and direct contact with the board or owner is possible.

Having a direct line to decision-makers is not a bad starting position for a consultant, mainly if the company is owned by an entrepreneur. Small business owners are in excellent hands with small, flexible consulting houses!

Large consulting firms

International projects inside global corporations are the domain of large management consultancies. Like their customers, they are represented worldwide and provide operational, tactical, and strategic focus on various topics. Unlike their smaller representatives, they have defined hierarchies with a professional and anonymous working environment. Robust and varied consultant teams operate worldwide and are very willing to travel.

Strategy & Management consulting

In small, highly-endowed teams, strategy and management consulting support clients of large international companies. Consulting takes place on a bigger scale, focusing on strategic questions around marketing, production, logistics, and leadership. They will also focus on digitization and information technology.

In general, the self-image and external image of all consultants are close to each other: they are willing to travel, highly resilient, and extremely ambitious. Typical customers are located in mega companies and corporations. Any consultants hired should have experience in process & IT consulting as well.